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As an illustrator with more than 30 years experience in advertising and design, I enjoy helping people turn their vision into fully developed illustrations. My goal is to provide each client with a comfortable, stress–free experience. I’ve built a loyal customer base over the years, expanding that base with referrals.

I started to out as a classic airbrush illustrator and transitioned to painting digitally as the market changed. I am proficient creating images in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, often working with both programs simultaneously to satisfy a client’s needs.

I love the daily challenge of what I do, and have been fortunate to work with many wonderful art directors from all over the country. I find that every job presents a new challenge,  and I am grateful to work in a field where I never stop learning.

Pam currently lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island.

pam@pamwallillustrations.com                 310-994-3159

Represented by: Das Grup                          310-374-1575